Thursday, October 20, 2016

25 years of business in Cincinnati

They are everywhere.  From the beaches of the Florida Panhandle, or the greenery of the Great Smokey Mountains to right in your own backyard...

Airbrush Artists are..."The Peoples Artist”

What started in the late 50's early 60's by the likes of such artists as Von Dutch, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth(creator of Rat Fink), and a handful of others quickly grew to become a "Fad" that never died.

On any given day you can walk through the doors of Anything Airbrushed plus and be instantly transported into the world of art, and most people never realize it. You are surrounded by pieces of art that you are positive cannot be painted by the same tool that painted your “Spring Break” t-shirt you bought in Panama City Beach in 1989, but they are. Portraits that look so strikingly real that you swear they are looking back at you. Helmets that are so out of this world that they could not have possibly been painted by someone. T-shirts that are so detailed they must have been digitally printed or silk screened. But they all share one thing in common, they were all painted using an airbrush.

The Peoples Artist

Anything Airbrushed plus is celebrating 25 years of being in business here in Cincinnati Ohio. We have been here so long that we are now getting the “Children” of people who were themselves just children when they got their first airbrushed t-shirt from us.

The airbrush artist is for the most part the only exposure the average person gets to a real life working artist on a daily basis, but for some odd reason people don’t view us as artists.

In fact the airbrush is just another type of paint brush. It’s just another way of putting paint on a canvas. The airbrush comes in many shapes and sizes but for the most part they all work the same. Paint and air are combined and sprayed out of the tip as either a very fine line or as a wide spray which the artist controls. This application makes it the perfect tool for painting any surface.

We start each project like any other artist. We stand in front of a blank canvas, t-shirt,
motorcycle tank, name it. We pick up a pencil or piece of
charcoal, look at our model or reference picture and start drawing. Just like any other “traditional” artist. The only difference comes into play when we are finished drawing and are ready to paint. We reach for an airbrush while a “traditional artist” reaches for a paint brush, and we do it all day long right in front of the customer.

Airbrush artists have the ability to paint anything on anything. Which is why when the average person needs something painted the only person they can turn to is the local airbrush artist. You can’t just walk into a silk screener and say I need a shirt printed for my grandmothers 80th birthday, silk screeners don’t do just 1 or 2 shirts they do mass quantities. Where an airbrush artist can do 1 or 100 shirts. When the average person wants a family portrait they can’t afford the likes of International portrait artist Igor Babailov, they comes to us. When the average person needs a helmet, motorcycle tank or even a mural painted....the local airbrush artist is the most readily available artist in the community. No other artists are set up to paint in public for the public.
There are no such things as "Water Color" shops, no such thing as
"Pastel" Shops, no such thing as "Oil Painting" Shops....There are only "Airbrush Shops"

The great thing about this job is that it’s something new everyday. We often say that “Our inventory is only limited by the size of our customers imagination”. We couldn’t possibly think of everything we could paint because that is endless, on the other hand we don’t have to because our customers do that for us. We would never have thought of painting an artificial leg, but we have, for a customer who wanted her leg painted for a Jimmy Buffett concert. We would never have thought of painting a tombstone for a pet or coffin for a deceased veteran, but we have done those also. Not to mention the amount of shoes, helmets, motorcycle tanks we paint each week. And need I mention Airbrushed Halloween Make-up and Body Painting or Airbrushed tanning.....the list can go on and on.

Variety abounds

Apparel is the most common of airbrushed items, everything from t-shirts, jeans, shoes, jackets you name it. Airbrush artists have the ability to paint on almost anything so customers have the option of buying our merchandise or bringing in their own. Some of the most popular items these days are shoes and batting helmets. As far as subject matter, “Names” will always be the most popular, however with the increasing popularity of the Cheer, Dance and Gymnastics teams getting their “Spirit Wear” airbrushed, sports teams have come far in terms of the demand for airbrush. But we don’t set the trends we just follow them and make them accessible to the general public.

While apparel makes up 65% of our studio's sales, special FX make-up and Body painting keeps the studio very busy during Halloween. The make-up and body painting has become increasingly popular over the years since we first started doing it in the early 90’s. Now, at Halloween, appointments are booked weeks in advance. Photographers and models are always on the look out for new things to add to their portfolios. As well as companies looking for new ways of marketing their identity or products.

Illustration is another outlet for our airbrushing. Our corporate clients have included everyone from Procter & Gamble, Krogers, Hallmark, Condor Books, Bakerycrafts, Phoenix Presentations, and C.I.P. International to local radio stations. Locally we have been featured on Channels 5, 12, and 19. The Cincinnati Enquirer and Post have both done various articles on some of our projects. Nationally we have been featured in “Airbrush Action Magazine “ and “Impressions Magazine”. Our web site has garnered us projects from as far away as Taiwan and Australia not to mention all over the U.S.

Mural work includes private homes as well as local businesses. We do quite a few murals each year and they can sometimes take weeks to complete. The best thing about an airbrushed mural is the amount of detail and realism we can achieve in a shorter amount of time than the traditional muralist, which helps cut down on the cost to the client.

Everywhere you look

These days Airbrushing has even gone beyond the confines of a store. Airbrush artists are now available to come to you. With the popularity of airbrushing always evolving, artists are now able to set up at local private events like Corporate parties, birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Proms.

We are in the business of “Personalization” and what better way to Personalize your event then having an airbrush artist there to entertain.

Where do we go from here?

We hear it all the time “Airbrushing is a Fad”, and it died back in the 80’s or 90’s. The funny thing is “they”(whoever “they” are) have been saying this EVERY decade for the past 50-60 years. As it turns out the people who say it are all grown up and have simply “outgrown” airbrushing. What they don’t realize is a whole new generation of kids were born behind them.  Show anyone of the new generation an airbrushed t-shirt with their name on it and their face will light up like Christmas morning. What is also funny is that those same nay sayers are the first ones to remark “I used to love airbrush shirts when I was a kid”.

These days the cable networks are full of shows showcasing automotive airbrush artists, and body painting. The tourist traps are still full of airbrush artists in every other t-shirt shop, state and county fairs as well as most major amusement parks wouldn’t be the same without an airbrush booth, and malls across America still welcome airbrush artists to lease from them.

Airbrushing has always drawn a crowd. There is just something about the Psst, Pssssssssst, Psssst sound of an airbrush that gets people to stop for just a few moments and allow themselves to witness the creation of a one of a kind piece of art right in front of their eyes in a matter of minutes. Just for those few minutes they can forget all their worries and remember what its like to be a kid again.

As long as there are kids.....there will be airbrush artists putting smiles
on their of EVERY age.

You keep watching, we’ll keep spraying.